Ann Marie Q & A

How did you get started in Art?
Well, it was a rough start. My mom and grandmother were good artists. I thought I had to be, too. It wasn't until high school that I really tried to work on my abilities. I had none. I was so upset I remember tearing up a drawing project. My teacher came to me and showed me how to break down my art into pieces. It was my "ah ha" moment! I was so thrilled with my breakthrough I went crazy.
Did you have any disappointments?
Oh yes! My freshman year of college I took Art 101. I was so excited to get started with my very first college art class. Well, what a disappointment. My assignment was to draw to music. At first I was like, "wow, ok, sounds good". I didn't realize my teacher wanted me to draw what the music made me feel. Feel? What? Crap! I drew musical notes. He wasn't happy. Then we had to do a nude. I just didn't show up. I actually gave up art at that point.

What brought you back?
Well, in my 20s I stayed home with my first child, and drew some animals and people's eyes. My husband was so amazed and supportive. I did some more things, but art was too expensive for me at that point. So many years later in my late 40s a friend saw some of my old art and asked me to do a picture for her. I did. Another friend saw it and asked me to do a picture for her friend. And that was when it really started.