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Pet Portraits in Pastel.

Pet Portraits in Pastel.

I offer pet portraits in multi-colored soft chalk pastels. The price for one of my paintings is $350 plus shipping.  Price depends on the size and the amount of animals per portrait. I need to have a .jpg, .gif or .tif that is clear. I ask for a $50 deposit non- refundable.  If, by any chance, the collector does not like the portrait then only the deposit is kept. 

Animal Giclee' Prints.

I have numbered Giclee' prints of almost all my work.  Demand is very brisk!


I have some limited photos taken from a variety of animals and my travels.  Prints are available in a number of sizes.

Floorings of the World

Janelle's and my fantastic project!

Metal Prints

BE the FIRST to own a METAL PRINT. The NEWEST medium for art!